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Amarcord - Williamsburg GIRLS HBO

We're always excited for the next season of GIRLS. Both for obvious reason and also because a tremendous amount of the wardrobe is sourced from yours truly! This season, we got to be a part of the magic in another way: A segment of one of the episodes was filmed in our Williamsburg location, which you can catch briefly at 0:20 of the newest trailer. Stay tuned to catch the full episode once it airs!

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Dress to Impress this Holiday Season

Amarcord - Soho Amarcord - Williamsburg

It's that time of the year again. Time to hit the stores looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones and colleagues... and if that wasn't stressful enough, you've also got to get yourself ready for the influx of parties, events, and happenings that surround it all.  Don't worry, Amarcord's got you covered! In addition to the beauties we've been stocking in general, we've put together a collection of drool-worthy clothing, accessories, and jewelry for both locations. Be sure to pop by! One stop might get everything checked off your list - gifts and wardrobe alike. Here's a preview...

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Amarcord Vintage in Vogue Italia

Amarcord - Williamsburg Editorials Vogue Italia

It's always a pleasure when we're able to see our treasures immortalized forever when they grace the pages of fashion magazines. Now, when it is shot by a fashion photography god: Steven Meisel, styled by a top fashion editor: Karl Templer, and this magazine happens to be the fashion bible: Vogue Italia, you can imagine we were waiting by the mailbox for our copy like a child waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve.  The cover story, titled 'Timeless', features a variety of familiar and lesser known faces shot in grainy black & white while wearing classic pieces with a little touch of edge....

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