In Response

In Response May 11 2018

Recently, an unfortunate event occurred at our family-operated store, Amarcord Vintage. It is imperative, as a member of the community for nearly two decades, that we convey the facts related to this event to our customers, friends, and neighbors.

On May 4, a misunderstanding ensued inside our store which quickly escalated. One of our employees politely approached two patrons to clarify a situation, which was immediately countered with the accusation that our intentions were racially motivated. Shocked, our employee pursued them outside in an attempt to sort things out. At this point, one of the patrons threatened our employee’s safety, humiliated her and berated her race, class, and physical appearance. The NYPD were called at the suggestion of these patrons, as well as our employees who hoped they could help to diffuse the issue. The patrons were uncooperative. What happened after that was beyond our control.

Since then, the patrons have proceeded to defame our company. It is devastating to see our small company and our names smeared and boycotted, especially when the incident did not happen the way it has been portrayed.

We have made numerous efforts to contact the patrons to try to resolve this. Once we were unsuccessful in reaching them, we responded directly to the patron’s husband’s original Facebook post, with:

“We could not be more sorry or regretful for the encounter that happened at our store, for the incidents that ensued after, and for the way the police treated your beautiful wife and daughter. This is not the way Amarcord does business, and this does not reflect the ethos of our company as a whole or us as people. Amarcord loves and embraces all cultures, ethnicities, races, and genders. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, whatsoever. In fact, we condemn it.  We have been trying to get in touch in other ways, but we have been unsuccessful. We want to make amends, make things right, and make it up to them.  It would be a privilege to be able to speak with her and apologize personally, please email me, Patti (the owner), at We sincerely hope to hear from you.”

Unfortunately, our statement was promptly deleted.

If you know our team, our store, and us personally, you know we are inclusive, progressive, hard working, decent human beings, who actually stand against discrimination. We do not, and have never tolerated discriminatory behavior of any kind. We love and welcome all our customers, and have been enjoying their support for 20 years. Throughout this time, we have never been accused of this. This should speak volumes about who we truly are.

We continue to seek an amicable resolution. For us, we prefer to learn from this experience, rather than to further spread hate.

Thank you for your consideration.
Sincerely, Amarcord