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Size & Fit Guide

We want you to look FABULOUS in your new item(s), so please read this guide in order to ensure a proper fit.


If there is a size listed in an item's description, we are simply relaying the size printed on the designer or brand's label or tag*. We find it important to do so as it is typically a clear indication of the original, intended fit. 

If there is no size tag or label, we generally provide a "recommended size", or size range.

In either case, please always refer to the measurements to make sure that the item will fit how you would like it to. If you are unsure, a great way to get a good idea is to find a similar item in your closet and take measurements.

*Please keep in mind that on some clothing manufactured before 1980, there was a different numerical size range in place and should not be considered the same as modern sizing. We will often refer to this as "Vintage size ___" or “Labeled size ___” and then indicate the comparative size/range, as well as the item’s measurements.


We measure all items laid flat, and then double the measurements. However, when listing the measurements of an item, we do take into consideration how the garment should look, fit, and feel on an actual person. Different fabric compositions and silhouettes come into play. The measurements provided in the listing for Bust, Waist, and Hip are what we have deemed to be the max measurement on a particular area without compromising or altering the intended fit of an item. 

If an item has an "up to" measurement, it should fit on any/most measurements UP TO and including the measurement listed.

If an item has a measurement range, it should fit on any measurement within that range.

For example:

On stretchy garments, we will provide a measurement range and we will cap that measurement range at the highest measurement where the garment can still be considered comfortable. It may very well stretch beyond that, but that doesn't mean it should. Stretching beyond our recommended measurement may cause print or silhouette distortion. Or at worst, the garment will be uncomfortably tight.

On an a-line garment or straight/shift silhouette, the hip (for example) may be slightly bigger than the measurement provided, but these shapes are not meant to be tight, so we are providing the measurements it will actually fit instead.

Another important thing to review is the Bust measurement. If the Bust measures 34", do not assume that because you wear a '34C' that the item will fit you - your bra size and your Bust size are two totally different things. It is a 34" total measurement, and to find your Bust size, you must measure all the way around your entire back and bust line, with a similar bra on that you would wear with the item you are looking at.

If you follow this advice, your item will fit exactly how you want it to!