Henry Perichon Vintage Silver Ball Armlet Upper Arm Ring Bracelet Set


Absolutely stunning mid century bracelet set by Henry Perichon. Set of 5 Silver colored pewter bracelets with a hand cast, hammered look and dotted ball details. Large bracelets intended to be worn as arm rings, otherwise known as armlets, arm bands, or upper arm/bicep bracelets. Depending on your size, these bracelets could be worn at various parts of the arm.

Henry Perichon

Made in France

Pewter Metal

Measurements: 3.25" Inner Diameter, 3.5" Puter Diameter, 1/8" Width

Condition: Excellent, pristine condition with no flaws to note. Each bracelet has their original tag still attached. These bracelets have an intended rustic artisanal look.