Isaky Paris Vintage Purple Sculptural Triangle Cuff Bracelet

Insane vintage cuff bracelet by Isaky Paris. Rare, highly collectible bracelet that doubles as a piece of art with it's high design and sculptural vibe. Chunky and large foggy purple triangle with black cuff insert that can twist and turn or be removed completely, if you desire. A very unusual and cool avant garde 1980s piece.

Isaky Paris

Made in France

Resin / Plastic

2.25" Inner Diameter
1.25" Wrist Opening
5" Overall Width
5/8" Thickness (Pink Cuff)
1 1/8" Thickness (Black Cuff)

Condition: Overall great condition. This foggy finish is finicky, so there are lines/marks (scratches, but not gouges) throughout, which are only noticed in certain lights. On the whole, it presents beautifully.

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