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The Blonde Salad Talks Top 5 Vintage Stores in NYC

Amarcord - Soho New York's Best Vintage

Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni knows fashion. When she's not jet-setting across the globe in this season's it-bag, she can be found sitting front row at your favorite fashion shows wearing looks right off of the runway. It's safe to say that when it comes to a city's shopping staples, her & her crew have got it down pat. shared "5 Vintage Shops We Love", and yours truly is on the list! To see what they had to say about us, read the article on the blog here. PHOTO COURTESY OF THEBLONDESALAD.COM  

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Refinery29 - Shop Like an Insider via their Newest Guide

Amarcord - Soho New York's Best Vintage Refinery29

Who doesn't love Refinery29? They are always sharing the cheekiest celeb gossip, the best ways to spend your hard-earned money, beauty products you never thought existed, and an array of fashion for every type. This year, Refinery29 has graciously shared how to shop vintage here in NYC like an insider. We're absolutely delighted (and honored) to be featured, and we feel we're in great company! To check out Refinery29's Insider Guide, click here.

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Amarcord - Soho New York's Best Vintage

We're so thrilled to have been included in's shopping directory! Additionally, one of our favorite clients (who happens to be a fashion editor for Vogue!), Alessandra Codinha has decided to divulge her best kept vintage secrets - and we're one of them! Read all about it on here. See us in Vogue's City Directory and discover other great stores here.  

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