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Audrey Kitching Capsule

We asked Tastemaker, Model, Designer, Blogger, Reiki Practitioner, and Style Editor at Spin Media - Audrey Kitching, to come down to our showroom in Williamsburg and curate a collection of her must-haves for the Spring & Summer.

Currently, Audrey's favorite designers are Rodarte and Ashish. It's easy to see she has great taste, curating a collection that is chock-full of mouthwatering designer vintage and interesting staples for the season. Her capsule runs parallel to her everyday style - Pretty, Classic, and Edgy, which are important, huge trademarks as far as Audrey's style goes.

Her Favorites: The Missoni Floral Set, The Pink Recycled Fur Shawl, and "Of Course, The Versace Crop Top!"

What Audrey Loves About Vintage: "I love how classic it is. Certain vintage pieces will never go out of style and will always retain this chic air about them. To me, vintage clothing makes a girl feel pretty and special!"

Audrey's Fashion Tip for Vintage Shoppers: "I love buying unique pieces. I like to buy modern staples and mix them in with one of a kind, super rad vintage. This way, you're still relevant in today's fashion but with your own twist. Some people can pull off head to toe vintage, but for beginners, I think mixing and matching can never go wrong!"

Where Can We See Audrey Next?: "I'm releasing my vegan Italian shoe collection this summer, as well as working on a new book containing personal artwork and motivational quotes. Think Ram Das... but for our generation!"

View the entire lookbook here.